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Day by day, smartphone use is gradually increasing and we are very dependent on them. Mostly we have important data and files on our smartphones, right? So it is very necessary to keep our data safe from harmful viruses, malware, etc. Here antivirus comes into play and AVG Antivirus MOD APK is one of the most used antiviruses out there. I know there are lots of other apps available and they promise to protect your Android smartphone from malware but not all work pretty well. And once your device is under attack then it is very hard to get the data.

The hackers stole all your important data and corrupted or lock your files. So, no one wants to compromise with their important data. So, you definitely need to use AVG MOD APK on your device to get protect your data. It also comes with lots of other features and options like an App locker, Image vault, VPN, Wi-Fi speed, and more.

Scan your phone with AVG AntiVirus MOD APK

The interface and the overall experience of this app is super amazing and user-friendly. It is the main reason why users use this Apk actively and on the Play Store, more than 100 Million people already installed this app. But the free version of this app not offers all premium features but if you want to use all features then AVG Antivirus MOD APK can help you a lot.

It is completely unlocked and offers all features of any Android device. So, today we going to share the download AVG Antivirus MOD APK with all pro unlocked features for free. If you really want to download and use all those features then let’s dive in.

What Is AVG Antivirus MOD APK?

AVG Antivirus MOD APK is a modified application, especially for Android users, and offers all premium unlocked features for free. Users can use all its pro features including some new mod features as well. It allows all Android users to use the premium feature without any restrictions. Only it needs to install and then use for free. Also, users can get an ad-free user experience.

Best Features of AVG Antivirus MOD APK

You probably know and we already discussed that AVG Antivirus comes with lots of unique features along with some premium features as well. So, you will learn all those features in detail. It really helps you to understand what options you get on this app. Here it is.

1. Get Protection from Unknown Viruses and Malware

Today, we used to install third-party apps from different sources and try to use other files on our smartphones. Here the probability is pretty high for the unknown threats and malware. So, you may compromise with your data. That’s why you need to use the AVG Antivirus to get protect yourself from those viruses and malware. It actually scans all your installed applications frequently and all files on your phone as well. When a new file or application is installed on your device, it scans and tries to detect harmful malware.

Use AVG AntiVirus MOD APK For Free

Another great option is, it can protect you when you browse online and visit different sites. Basically, the harmful threats can come from not secure websites even link click on the email. But AVG Antivirus MOD APK scans each website in real time and tries to protect it from unknown viruses. As you can see, you get complete protection for your device with this app.

2. Scan All Apps, Games, and Other Files in Real-Time

You may know that when a virus or malware comes into your system, it starts doing its job quickly. So, it is pretty necessary to scan all the apps, games, and files in real-time and this app does it easily. When it finds something harmful then it shows you to remove it. And you get the option to remove the malware from your device.

3. App Locker with Pin, Pattern, and Fingerprint

If you want to keep your app safe with an app locker then you can install a third-party app for it. There are lots of applications available for app locker and many smartphones come with these features as well. Also, AVG comes with a secure app locker with PIN, Pattern, and even biometric Fingerprint options. So, nobody can access your app without your PIN or you can say authorization.

Now, if you already use AVG and want to use App Locker then don’t install another app for it. You can use this feature on this app easily. Only you need to enable the app locker and lock the particular app or game.

4. Boost Your Phone Speed by Cleaning and Killing Tasks

We do lots of activity on our smartphones and there are lots of junk and temporary files stored. All those files gradually slow down your smartphone and you are facing very difficulties. So, if you want to boost your phone speed then you need to clean those temporary and junk files. Also, lots of apps and tasks are already running in the background and this consumes your phone battery as well as processing. This cause slows your phone and you get a weak performance.

Clean your smartphone with AVG AntiVirus Mod App

But if you use AVG Antivirus MOD APK then you don’t need to worry about it, because it can clean all the junk and temporary files and boost your smartphone speed easily. Also, it can kill all the unnecessary tasks and it can increase your phone performance quickly.

5. Get Private Image Vault

Sometimes we have some private images and we do not want that someone sees them even our friends. If you also have that private images and you try to find some encrypted image vault then don’t worry. AVG also provides a private and encrypted image vault where you can hide all your images. Once you did, you can’t find those images on your phone gallery or even file manager. So, no one can’t see those images without your permission.

6. Secured VPN for Web Browsing

For the best security and privacy during web browsing, you definitely need to use a VPN for example Express VPN MOD. But if you use this AVG MOD APK then you don’t need to use another VPN application. Because it also provides the best and most secure VPN service and you can use it for free. VPN helps a lot, for example, hiding the IP address, all the data already encrypted, and many more. So, it is recommended when you browse online, just turn on its VPN option.

7. See Wi-Fi Connection Speed and Scan for Threats

Increase your device performance

When you connect a Wi-Fi then you can measure the download & upload speed with this app. Sometimes it is pretty helpful and you don’t need to use another third-party tool to check the connection speed. But the best part is AVG Antivirus scan the Wi-Fi network for protecting you from threats. Sometimes we connect the public Wi-Fi which can be very harmful for your device. The provider can track your activities like which website you visit or something else. Here AVG comes into play. It automatically scans the connected Wi-Fi and protects you.

8. Best Anti-Theft Feature

AVG Antivirus comes with lots of Anti-Theft features and it is pretty helpful when you lost your smartphone. Sometimes it helps you to find your phone easily. Like, you can see your phone location on Google Maps when you lost or steal your smartphone. Also, you can lock your smartphone remotely and set an emergency message on the lock screen. It is also pretty helpful when you lost your phone and someone can connect you with this message. Another option is, you can start a siren sound and it also helps to find your phone. You can use all those anti-theft features for free.

How to Download AVG Antivirus MOD APK and Install Successfully For Free?

You can easily download AVG Antivirus MOD APK from this page and you only need to click on the top download button only. Then the Apk file starts downloading on your device. Once you complete the download, you only need to install it on your smartphone to use all the mod features. Now, if you don’t know the proper way to install the Apk then you can follow the step-by-step installation guide. Here it is.

Step #1: You need to open a browser and visit this page.

Step #2: Then click on the download button and wait for the process.

Step #3: Once you complete the download, you need to open the File Manager and click on the Apk.

Step #4: You may need to enable the “Unknown Sources” and then you can get the Install option.

Step #5: Just tap on the Install button and wait for a few seconds.

Congratulations! You are now ready to use all features of AVG Antivirus MOD APK for free on your device.

System Requirments

Before moving to download or install Mod App, you need to make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements. It is really important to get the best and smooth performance. Here you can check.

  • RAM: Minimum 3GB
  • Processor: Octa-Core with minimum 1.8GHz [Recommed SD 626]
  • Operating System: Above Android 6.0
  • Storage: 40MB
  • Permission: Microphone, Location, Wi-Fi, Phone Contacts, Gallery, Phone Storage


On this page, we going to share the download AVG Antivirus MOD APK with Pro Unlocked features for free. Also, we discuss all the features in detail with you. I hope this page is helpful for you and share it with your friends.

If you have some query or question then comment on us. You get the reply as soon as possible. Lastly thanks for coming to our site.


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