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BitAim is a very powerful AI aim assistant for playing the carrom pool game. Today we used to play lots of board games on the Android smartphone and Carrom Pool is also a very popular one. Now, if you really love to play the game and also want to win every match then you can use bitAim Apk. It really helps you to win coins more and you can easily win over any player. Play as a professional carrom gamer with this application.

The app comes with lots of advanced features as well as some AI features. It is pretty intelligent and can predict the best move. So, you never miss any chance and can win the matches. Using this tool, you can also participate in the online tournament and increase the points and coins in the game.

BitAim comes with pretty simple and user-friendly user interface. It is also a pretty lightweight tool. You can easily understand all its features and can use the premium features for free. No need to pay for the advanced aim line option. You can enable all the useful features and stats to play the Carrom Pool game.

Today we going to share the download BitAim Pro APK with all MOD features for free. Also, we going to share all the best features in detail with you. So, you can better understand the app’s functions and how you can use the app. If you really want to download and use it on your device then let’s start.

What Is BitAim APK?

BitAim+ is a powerful AI aim assistant for the carrom pool game and it works on any Android device. It is completely free for lifetime and users can use all the pro features as well. The app guides you on how to play and makes it more simple by showing the laser line. It really helps the player to win and get the coins in the game. Using the advanced features of bitAim, anyone can be a professional carrom pool gamer.

Best Features of bitAim Pro

As we already mentioned BitAim+ comes with lots of advanced features and some premium features. For better use, you definitely what features it offers. So, here we going to discuss all the best features in detail.

1. Advanced AI Prediction System

AI line in bitAim

You may know that AI and ML become more powerful and accurate day by day and you can use them to do any work. Here in the game, BitAim uses AI to predict the best possible shots. Then it recommends you the best shots for easy to win the game. It gives you the instruction on which shot you need to take first. And if you follow the predictions, it is more chance for you to win and become a professional carrom gamer.

2. Enable Realtime Line

realtime lines

When you open the app, you get to see the first option which is the “AI – AIM” button, and inside the option, you get to see the Realtime Line toggle. When you enable the toggle, you get the continued line on the gameplay. It is really helpful to make the perfect aim before the shots. So, you definitely need to use the realtime line and it is completely free to use.

3. Direct Video Record Option and Hide Line

If you want to share your gameplay skill then you should record the screen and share it on different social media. Now, bitAim+ already gives you the option to record the video and you can enable the option to record the video.

bitAim Plus gameplay

Another great feature is, you can hide the real-time line or the laser line from the gameplay. Because if you do not hide the lines, everyone sees it and no one appreciates you. Now, to hide the lines, you need to adjust the size of the line and the color. The line color should match the carrom board and the line size should be 1 only. Then you can start recording and all the lines not be visible on the gameplay video.

4. Easy to Integrate with LuluBox

LuluBox is an amazing game modifier tool and it provides games with unlocked features for free. It supports lots of Android games such as Candy Crush Saga, 8 Ball Pool, and Carrom Pool. Now, if you already use some features of Lulubox in the game and you want to use them with the BitAim+ then you can use it easily. The app gives you the option to integrate with the LuluBox. When you do all the settings, you are able to use all the features of LuluBox along with the BitAim AI features.

All you need to do, open the app and then tap on the “AI – AIM” button. Then you need to enable the “Lulu-Line Extended” and click on OK. Then it will automatically integrate with the LuluBox and you can now play carrom with Lulubox.

5. Super AIM for Highly Accurate Shots

Play carrom with bitAim for free

Another important feature s the “Super-AIM” and you can get more options inside it. Using all those features, you can take highly accurate shots with ease. To access this screen on the app, you need to open and see the blue button at the bottom. You need to tap on the “Super-AIM” button and then you can customize other settings for use of the super aim in the gameplay.

6. Customize Normal Lines

All Customize options

Inside the Super-Aim option, you get the option called Normal Line. Here you can choose how many lines you need in the game. At maximum, you are able to get five lines. Moreover, the color customize option is also available. You can make any color line and it will reflect on the game. So, if you use the normal line, then you only can choose the number of lines and customize the color of the line. Once you are done, then start the game by clicking on the below Start button.

7. Use Laser Lines with Multiple Colors

Choose Laser Line in bitAim Apk

Below the Normal Lines, you get to see the Laser Line tongue. You can enable it easily and when you click on the arrow option, you are able to see a list of beautiful laser lines colors. Now, choose your favorite one and play it in the game.

8. Free to Play

The app offers most of the features for free. You may need to watch an ad to start using all the features and start the game. It actually redirects to the YouTube videos and you need to wait for 30 seconds. Then you can back to the BitAim and start playing the Carrom Pool game. You can play the carrom pool game with this app for free.

9. Video Tutorial for How to Use

The app also provides a video tutorial for all beginners who do not use this app before. It is really helpful and easy to understand how to use the app and use all the features of the game. If you have some doubts then you can watch the video easily.

10. No Ads

bitAim+ does not contain any annoying ads on its app interface. So, you get an ad-free experience but yes, it redirects to its official YouTube channel for watching videos and you can easily press the back button and avoid them.

All Shots You Can Learn and Use on the Game

BitAim offers lots of amazing shots and you need to know before using the app. Here we share all the shot’s names below.

  • Double Coin Shot
  • Stricker Back Shot
  • Coin Back Shot
  • Lower V-Shot
  • V-Shot
  • Upper V-Shot
  • Bounce Shot -1
  • Bounce Shot -2

How to Install and Download BitAim Plus APK Free?

You can easily install the bitAim Apk on your smartphone. But before installing, you definitely need to download them first. So, you need to visit this page and click on the top download button. Then you will be redirected to the download page and then it starts downloading on your device. Then you need to install the Apk to use all its features. Here are some simple steps you need to follow.

  1. You need to open the download page and click on the button.
  2. Once the downloading process is complete, you need to open the File Manager.
  3. Go to the folder and click on the Apk file.
  4. You may need to enable the “Unknown Sources” and press the back button.
  5. Then you get to see the Install button and click on it.

Wait a few seconds and then you are able to use all its features and play Carrom like a pro.

System Requirments

Before moving to download and install, you need to check that your device meets the basic system requirements. It is pretty necessary to get the best performance.

RAM 4GB or More
OS Above Android 5.0
Storage 28MB
Processor Octa-Core Processor with 2.0 GHz Speed
Permissions Phone Storage, Gallery, Camera, Location, Microphone

FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

There are lots of questions you may have and lots of users actually find the answer on the web. So, we try to give the answer of some questions here.

Can you use bitAim+ with Lulubox together?

The very short answer is Yes, you can easily use the LuluBox with the bitAim on your smartphone. The app has the option to integrate with LuluBox easily. Just enable the setting and then you are able to use all LuluBox features with the bitAim+ for free.

Is it safe to use bitAim for free?

Yes, because it not use any hack on the carrom pool game. It actually uses the AI and assists you to play the game and win easily. So, it is completely safe to use.

Do I need to pay for the premium features and shots?

bitAim+ offers all the features for free and you can easily use all its features. But you need to see the ads for it. But if you want the ad-free experience then you can buy the plan for it. But you can use all features free for lifetime on bitAim.

Final Words

On this page, we try to provide the download BitAim APK with all premium features. We discuss all its features in detail and how you can use them to become a professional carrom pool gamer. I hope you like the page and share it with your friends.

If you have any queries or facing issues during gaming then comment on us. We fix the issue as soon as possible. Also, keep visiting this page for getting the next updates. Lastly thanks for coming to our website.

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