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Download BitLife MOD APK with Bitizen and God Mode Unlocked. You get unlimited money on your device for free.
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If you looking for a real-life simulation game where you can choose different options to see the effects then BitLife MOD APK is for you. It is a great simulation game by the Candywriter developer. Here you can make different activities and then get a complete simulation and real experience of your life. There are tons of interesting features available for more fun. That’s the reason, people make fun with friends and other with this application.

Basically, it’s a simulation game where users can get a clear picture or information about their life and it depends on the action they take. When you start the game, your life was a sperm and then you need to choose all the different activities related to your life. So, make changes to everything you want and then choose the right decisions to find which is wrong and right for your bright future.

The interface of BitLife is pretty simple and easy to use. You can easily understand all the options in the game. The developer made this app as simple as possible. So, millions of people already use this app and you can also download it for free. Now, the free Apk doesn’t provide unlimited money and offers the Bitizen but the BitLife MOD APK provides unlimited money on the app and you can get fully unlocked Bitizen with God Mode as well.

Download and Install BitLife MOD APK For Free

Today we going to share the download BitLife MOD APK with unlimited Bitizen and God Mode Unlocked. Also, you going to learn all the features in detail. So, if you really want to download and install this app then let’s dive in.

What Is BitLife MOD APK?

BitLife MOD APK is an Android simulation game and it is a modified Apk. So, it offers all the unlocked features including Bitizen and God Mode as well. Users can use unlimited money on the app and use all premium features for free. There are no restrictions or limitations available for the users. Only it needs to install on an Android device. The app contains lots of unique features for decision-making options about life. Now, its Mod Apk offers some extra useful features for free.

Best Features of BitLife MOD App

As we already mentioned that BitLife contains countless features including the unlocked Mod features. So, we going to discuss all those features that you can use on the app. So, let’s start.

Get a Detailed State of Your Evaluation

Manage your Assest on BitLife for free

Actually, it is a life simulation game where you can perform or access to do various actions. Those actions and decisions affect your life and you can get the detailed state. Now, you can make some changes to make your life better. Now, BitLife Mod offers various options and we will discuss them in detail.

1) Health:

Health is a very important thing in every life and when you start the game then you are just a baby. So, your health performance shows very low. Now, you need to do many activities like participating in the gym to make your health better. So, increase your work performance and live a healthy life.

2) Looks:

When you are born, your skin can be dark or your face can be nice or ugly. It is not in your hand, right? But if you want to modify your looks then you can do it easily with BitLife MOD APK. Here, users can change their looks and even their gender as well. So, if you want to improve the beauty of your face then you can do plastic surgery and it really makes you different. You can be anything you want. Get complete control of your look.

3) Happiness:

On the BitLife app, happiness is very important levels and even in our life. When you are so happy, it really helps us to do more new things. But when you have low happiness, it means you are suffering from depression. It is not a healthy life and not even effective in your real life.

Complete Financial Management Options

The best Life Simulation game

Everyone wants a secure financial life and it can be possible with financial management. Basically, you need to know the process to manage your finances. If you don’t know then you can face trouble anytime. Now, financial management helps you to achieve your goals like buying a new car or home. In BitLife, you can easily learn, and to do this, tap on the menu bar then Assets. Here you can manage all your assets but make sure your age is required to manage your assets.

Find Your Love

Life partner really matters when you want to make a happy family. Here you can look for your love and it is another helpful feature of BitLife MOD APK. You get the option to marry a girl if you are male or a boy if you are a female. Only you need to choose the right partner and then try to build a happy family.

Explore Yourself When You Are 18 Years Old

It is a very important time when you are 18 years old because you can take the right choice at this time. And it is also a very vital thing because your life can be better when you make the right decision. At this time, most people just finished high school and then join the university. Also, you can take a different line in your life. Everything depends on when you choose the right thing for your future. You can make a better life if you choose the right decision even if you were born into a poor family.

Use Time Machine Feature

Lots of us wish that we have a time machine to go back to our childhood. Because we want to change something for more fun and make our future life better. For example, choosing the right girlfriend to marry or correcting some decisions in the past. Now, we can’t do that in real life but BitLife provides the option to go back to the past and make changes to all your wrong decisions.

Also, you can check similar Apk such as BitLife BR MOD APK and BitLife De MOD APK on your device for free.

Get Unlimited Bitizen and Money

Complete all the challenges on BitLife MOD APK

The app offers Bitizen option to get some extra features but if you use the free version Apk from Play Store then you need to pay for it. Here you get no ads on the UI and play unlimited generations. Also, you can visit the salon & spa, visit the pet store, and do lot more things. But if you want to use all those features for free then the Mod Apk of BitLife is for you. It offers unlimited money and Bitizen for free. Also, this Mod Apk already unlocked the God Mode as well. So, you can use the Bitizen and God Mode both on your smartphone.

No Ads

If you try to download and install this app from Play Store then you get some ads on the app interface. Because the free version contains ads. But if you want to get the ad-free experience then you need to download the BitLife MOD APK from this page. Because it doesn’t contain ads on its interface.

How to Download BitLife MOD APK with Unlimited Money and Install Easily?

You can easily download BitLife MOD APK from the ModLovers site and you need to click on the top download button. Then you need to install and use all the unlocked features for free. Now, lots of sites actually provide the Apk but most of them do not work properly. But here you get the working version for free.

Make sure you need to install it after completing the download. Now, if you don’t know the process to install the Apk then follow our installation guide. Here it is.

Step #1: You need to download the Apk by tapping on the top download button.

Step #2: Go to the File Manager and tap on the Apk file.

Step #3: You need to enable the unknown sources, so click on the setting and enable it.

Step #4: Then you get the Install button and click on it.

Step #5: Wait for a few seconds for the installation process.

Congratulations! once you complete some five simple steps, you are able to use all unlocked features of BitLife for free.

System Requirments

Before moving to download or install this app make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements. It is very essential for getting the best and smooth performance. Here you can check.

  • RAM: Minimum 3GB or 4GB
  • Processor: Octa-Core with minimum 2.0GHz [Recommed SD 660]
  • Operating System: Above Android 5.0
  • Storage: 183MB
  • Permission: Gallery, Wi-Fi, Location, Phone Storage, Phone Contacts


Here we try to provide the download BitLife MOD APK with Bitizen Unlocked and God Mode. Also, we discuss all the best features that this application offers in detail. I hope this post is very helpful and share it with your friends.

If you have any questions related to this post then comment on us. We try to reply as soon as possible. Lastly thanks for visiting our site.


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