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If you want to get an easy solution for downloading Instagram videos, photos then Instander Apk is for you. You know that Instagram is a leading and biggest social network all over the world. People can make new friends, interact with their friends, engage with content, and share interesting content also. Also, there are lots of handy features are available for free to use. Only you need an Instagram account and then you are good to go.

Instander APK Download with all Instamod features

Instander APK is an Insta MOD Apk that allows you to download photos, videos, IGTV, reels, copy comments, open links, copy the Bio content, etc. If you use the original Instagram application then you can’t get those features on your device. But if you need those options then this application help you a lot.

Today we going to provide the Instander APK Download official for free. Also, we discuss all its features and benefits in detail with you. So that, you understand what features it offers and how you can use this App. So, if you are really interested to know and want to install then let’s dive in.

What Instander APK Is?

Instander is an Instagram Mod Application for all Android smartphone users. It offers lots of interesting and handy features that amaze you. You only need an Insta account to access all the features of this Apk. You can download photos, videos, stories, without any kind of third-party downloader tool. This Apk gives you a great browsing and user experience. Also, the developer designed this app for safe use and it is an anti-ban. So, without any risk, you can easily use Instander and enjoy all its features.

Basically, Instander Apk offers all the similar Instagram features as well as some extra for a better experience. Most of the users need those handy features but they can’t get on the Insta App. Here Instander comes into play. You can experience a similar design and interface with lots of useful options.

Best Features of Instander APK

Install Instander APK For Free

As we already mentioned that Instander provides lots of helpful features right on your device. So, we decide to discuss all those features and options in detail. Here it is.

1) Easy to Download Photos and Videos

IG is the best platform to consume and view trending images and video content. Users used to share helpful and attractive photos, videos, reel stories to get likes and comments. So that you enjoy viewing those amazing videos and images but it is always for a short-time feeling. I know Instagram provides a save option which is helpful but you need the internet for accessing those saved content every time.

That’s the reason users want to download their favorite and useful photos and videos on the device. It is more reliable and you can use it offline on your device easily. Here Instander Apk plays an important role because it provides the download option on each post even in video or photo. Only you need to tap on the download option and immediately the photos and videos start downloading on your device.

2) Use Ghost Mode

There are lots of useful privacy features are available under the ghost mode and you should use it for free. For example, you can hide the typing status while chatting with any users. So, the user can’t see the typing status, and sometimes it is very helpful for us.

As you know that if you view any of your friend’s and followers’ stories then they know that you view the story. right? Now, if you want something mysterious and want to view the story anonymously then Instander Apk helps you a lot. You get the option to hide you like a story viewer and no one would know that you see their story. Similarly, there are lots of privacy-related features are available and you can use them under the Ghost Mode for free.

3) Create Personalize Friends List

Personalize friends list is pretty useful when you share some story or post to certain users on Instagram. Normally, when you share some post then it can view by all users. So, there is no option to only share for selected people here. But Instander App makes it easy for you and give you the option to create close friends list for sharing post and stories with them.

Here we maintained that this friends list is personalized because you can remove and add users anytime you want. It is completely controlled by you and then you are able to share videos and photos along with close friends. So, if you need this feature then create a close friend list and enjoy by sharing funny posts and stories.

4) Hide Your Stories for Certain Followers

People on Instagram like to share interesting photos and videos on the story. When you share anything on your story then all your friends and followers can see it. Now, sometimes we want to share some content on the story for certain people. Instander gives you the option to choose the people to hide your story. So that your selected people only can view your story even it is video. Pretty cool, right? It is a great privacy feature and those people who are very concerned about privacy, definitely use this feature.

5) Find Active Instagram People

Use extra handy features on Instander APK

It is very important to make friends who are active on Instagram. We need to make new friends on all the social media platforms to communicate and share content with them. Here you can easily discover and find followers with your contact who are very active on this platform. Definitely this option to grow your following and followers in IG.

6) Try Customize Smart Gestures

We use gestures on our smartphones to navigate and use daily. Smart gestures control give a great experience and people really like it. Now, Instander also provides some customize smart gestures and you can do lots of activity with those gestures as well. For example, swipe left and right to change the tabs and access different pages. Also, zoom photos with double-tapping and long-pressing on them.

7) Explore High-Quality Content

There is no doubt that Instagram is a massive content-sharing platform and you can find high-quality content on it. IG provides content that is based on your interest and you going to love it. For example, you follow your favorite celebrity or popular people than whenever they share good content then you get it on the feed section.

Another great feature for consuming high-quality content is IGTV. Here you find the latest and trending videos for free. You can search the video and watch it for free. It is a great entertaining section where you can watch trending videos and download them for offline view. So, you need to explore and find quality content.

8) Easy to Share

Instander App gives you the opportunity to control your feed post by sharing other people’s stories. You can toggle it on and off this sharing feature. If you don’t off this option then your followers can share your feed posts on their stories easily. In this way, your post reaches more people easily. It works pretty well for both photos and videos for easy sharing. Also, you can choose your IG story automatically share it with your Facebook story automatically. As you can see, this app makes sharing very convenient and easy.

9) Save All Your Stories to Archive

You may know that this Apk allows us to download all the photos and videos download on our device for offline access. But sometimes we don’t have much storage space for these videos and photos. Here you can add your favorite story, photos, and videos to the archive. In this way, you can access the archive content easily and it doesn’t consume the storage space also. Also, no one can’t access your archive photos and videos without your IG account username and password easily. So, it gives you an extra privacy option on your device.

10) Ads-Free UI

Ads are very annoying and you probably don’t want to see the ads. When you open the Instagram feed, then some sponsored ads appear and it gives a pretty bad experience. Even you can’t stop those ads but Instander Apk has done the work for you. It offers an ads-free interface on the Feed and you only get useful content only.

How to Download Instander APK and Install Successfully?

You can easily download Instander Apk for free on your device. Because we provide the download button on this page and you only need to click on it. Then you are able to get the Apk and then you can install it to use all its features.

So, make sure, after downloading the App, you have to install it on your device. Now, if you don’t know the process to install the App then follow our step-by-step installation guide. Here it is.

  1. You have to open a browser and visit the ModLovers page and click on the download button.
  2. Then open the File Manager and go to the folder where Apk is saved.
  3. You need to click on the Apk and tap on Install.
  4. You may see a setting option and ask to enable “Unknown Sources”. Just enable it.
  5. Then you get the Install button, tap on it and wait a few seconds.

Once you follow those five simple steps, then you are able to use Instander Apk right on your device for free.

System Requirments

Before proceeding to download and install this app, make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements. Here you can check.

  • RAM: 3GB or More
  • Processor: Octa-Core with minimum 1.6GHz speed [Recommended SD 450]
  • Operating System: Above Android 5.0
  • Storage: 54MB
  • Permission: Wi-Fi, Gallery, Phone Info, Camera, Phone Storage, Location, Contacts, SMS, Microphone

Final Words

On this page, we try to share the Instander Apk download for free with all the Mod features. Also, we discuss all those features in detail on this page. I hope you like it and share it with your friends.

If you have any queries then comment on us. Also, let me know which feature you like most on this app. We answer you as soon as possible. Lastly thanks for visiting our website.


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