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YouTube Vanced is a pretty excellent and feature-packed app available for Android smartphones. If you are a smartphone user then you have already installed the YouTube application on your phone. I’m saying this because it comes pre-installed on smartphones and you may also use it to watch videos in it. There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular video sharing and viewing platforms. You can find any type of video. Now, if you want to use some useful features of YouTube then you can download YouTube Vanced APK for free.

The Vanced Manager helps you to install the YouTube Vanced and other necessary apps on your device. Vanced Apk comes with countless helpful features and options. Those features enhanced your overall video watching experience and you are able to download the video easily.

Regular YouTube app offers lots of good and powerful features but some handy features do not come with the free version. Even if you take the premium subscription, you are not able to download your favorite videos. But YouTube Vanced App provides all the premium features such as ad-blocking, background playing, and more for free.

Today we going to provide the download YouTube Vanced Apk with all premium unlocked features. Also, we will discuss all the best features you can get and use on your phone. It is the latest version and if you want to install the old version then you can do it easily. So, if you are really interested to download and install then let’s dive in.

What Is YouTube Vanced APK?

The YouTube Vanced Apk is a modified application of the original free app which pre-installed on the smartphone. It uses the same YouTube API and provides all the videos to watch easily. It has a pretty similar user interface and comes with AMOLED Dark mode. The Vanced app contains countless features including video download in high-quality, background playing, picture-in-picture, ad-block, sponsor block, auto-repeat, and more. All those handy features are freely available for free.

Best Features of YouTube Vanced

As you may know and we already mentioned that YouTube Vanced contains lots of incredible features. If you try this app for the first time then you should know all the features it gives you. It really helps you to use it in a better way. Here it is.

Block all Ads

Officially YouTube is completely free to use most of the features especially all the video contents are freely accessible. Some of the content is only for premium but it is one of the largest free video watching platforms.

Basically, YouTube shows ads on its video and app interface. In this way, they generate revenue and give all the services for free to all users. Users can easily search and watch any video content even without having an account. But you can’t comment, give likes, or upload videos without signing.

When you open the YouTube app and its web application, you see lots of ads such as banner ads and video ads. When you play a video, at first a long video ad shows. It can be skippable but you need to wait a few seconds for it. The most disturbing is the middle ads on the video. When you play or watch a video on YouTube and suddenly an ad appears. It gives you a pretty bad experience. And at the end of the video, you can see a video ad as well.

So, we can say, YouTube is completely full of lots of ads. Now, if you are frustrated to see those annoying ads and want a clean and ads-free experience then you can use an Ads blocker. But in Android, you can’t block ads on the application easily. Here YouTube Vanced comes into play. Its powerful ad blocker system works pretty well and it easily blocked all the ads on the app interface and video easily. Here you never get or see ads. So to get the best ads-free user experience, especially on YouTube then Vanced Apk is for you.

Easy to Download Videos in High-Resolution

Download Videos on YouTube is a very important and helpful feature but it doesn’t provide this feature. Millions of people want to download the video and looking for other options like 3rd party web applications or other video downloader applications. Here you need to copy the video URL and then Paste it to those sites. But if you use Vanced Apk, you don’t need to use another app to download the video.

To download the video using Vanced is super cool and easy. You get a download button on all videos and you only need to tap on it. Then you get a popup to edit the title of the video and select different video resolutions and sizes. Then you need to tap on the Download button to get the video on your device for offline use. Here you get lots of video codecs and regulation like 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, etc. The best part is you also can download the audio file of any video with ease.

Play Video in Background [Background Playback]

Video play in the background is a handy feature especially when you listen to the song. YouTube separately launches an app for this similar kind of feature and you also need a premium subscription to use it. But Vanced Apk already provides this background playback option for free. So, you can easily play any video song and you are able to go to the home screen or lock your phone. Still, the audio is playing and you can enjoy the song or any audio of a video.

Picture-in-Picture Video

The picture in the picture looks modern and amazing. Basically, some of the media players offer this type of feature but in YouTube Vanced Apk, you are able to play any online video in picture-in-picture. Now, the question is what is the picture-in-picture video, right?

Actually, you can play video in a small window on your home screen or any application screen. You only need to play a video on Vanced and then click on this option. Then you go to the home screen and a floating small window plays the video. You can drag and drop to any place. It works pretty well and you can use other applications with watching the video. Make sure your smartphone has the above Android 8.0 version because it only supports those devices that have the above Android 8.0 version.

Auto Repeat Video

When you want to play any video again and again automatically in a loop then it is called a repeat video. Normally when the video is completely played, you get the option to replay and you need to click on it. But if you want to play video in a loop then you need to install this app. It has the auto-repeat feature to play a video in a loop. So, when the video is complete, it will automatically start from the beginning.

Sponsor block is a great feature where you can easily skip any sponsor products or services ad in any video. Most popular YouTubers promote lots of sponsorship in the middle of the video. It is also disturbing and you can skip those parts using this Apk. The best part is you are able to skip the unwanted intro or outro video and the video part where they ask for giving subscribe & likes.

In this Vanced app, you get a section for Sponsor Block setting where you can customize all the different segments. The different segments are marked with different colors as well. So, it will help you to manage sponsor block setting easily.

Use Dark Mode

The dark mode is very useful, especially for reducing eye strain. Today most of the applications and the OS also comes with a dark theme. It looks nice and helps us to use the smartphone for a long time. However, the YouTube Vanced app also comes with an AMOLED Dark theme which means you get a deep dark theme. Now, if you have an AMOLED display on your smartphone then you can actually experience it. If you already enable the dark mode on your smartphone then it automatically moves to the dark mode.

No Root Needed

As you can see Vanced provides lots of advanced features. Normally when an app provides lots of advanced features, the device needed root. Now, you have to follow lots of essential steps to root your device. But don’t worry, this Apk does not need the Root. You can use it easily on your non-root device. Only your device needs to install the Vanced Manager and microG applications. Then you are able to use all the features of Vanced for free.

Swipe Control for Brightness, Volume, and Other

You may use swipe control to adjust the brightness and volume on different media players. This Apk also gives the same feature for you. Here you can easily control the sound volume and device brightness through swipe control. For the brightness adjustment, you need to swipe up and down from the left side. And for the sound volume, you need to swipe from the right side. Also, there are lots of gesture controls are available on this app.

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Lots of Customization Available

YouTube Vanced gives lots of customization options like override Codec, 4K video watching experience on any device, cinematic experience, etc. You can play a video at different speeds like 0.25x to 2x and set any video resolution. Here you are able to toggle ads, the community posts, video watermark, cast button, wide search bar, info cards, end screens, YouTube stories, and a lot more. Overall, we can say, it has lots of customization settings available and you can customize it according to your needs.

System Requirments

Before proceeding to download and install YouTube Vanced App, make sure your device has the basic system requirements. It is necessary for getting a smooth and stable performance. Here you can check.

  • RAM: Minimum 3GB or 4GB
  • Processor: Octa-Core with minimum 2.0GHz [Recommed SD 636]
  • Operating System: Above Android 5.0
  • Storage: 122MB
  • Permission: Camera, Contacts, Phone Storage, Location, Microphone, Gallery

How to Download YouTube Vanced APK and Install Successfully on Your Phone?

Finding the working Vanced Apk is not an easy task but ModLovers make it easy for all. Because our team tested the Apk on different phones and then provide the download link. Only you need to click on the download button and then you are able to download the Apk for free. After completing the download you have to install it on your device. Here is the step-by-step guide to installing the App successfully.

  1. Open a browser on your device and visit this page.
  2. Click on the download button and open the File Manager.
  3. Go to the download folder and click on the APK that you downloaded already.
  4. You need to enable the “Unknown Sources”.
  5. Tap on Setting and enable it. Press the back button and then you get the Install button.
  6. Tap on Install and wait for the processing.

Once the installation process is complete, you are able to access the Vanced Manager. Open it and Install microG and then YouTube Vanced. Now, you are able to use this app with all features on your device.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

There are lots of questions that are asked by people online and try to find the answer. So, we picked some important questions and try to answer them in detail.

Is Vanced APK Available on Play Store?

No, Google Play Store does not provide the moded application because it is against the policy. So, you only get the Vanced Manager from this website and you are able to install it from here on your device.

Is it necessary to install microG to use YouTube Vanced?

Yes, it is necessary to install the microG app on your smartphone to use YouTube Vanced APK and all its free services. You can install it from the Vanced Manager for free.

Can I Download YouTube videos using this app?

Yes, you can download all your favorite YouTube videos easily. Only you need to click on the download button below the video, and the video starts downloading on your smartphone.


In this post, we provide the download YouTube Vanced Apk and discuss all the features that it offers. Also, we guide step by step to install the app successfully. I hope this post is really helpful for you. If you think that it is also helpful for your friends then kindly share it.

Now, if you have some questions or issues to download then comment on us. Also, keep visiting this page for getting the next app updates. Lastly thanks for visiting our website.


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